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The Unofficial Nirvana In Fire Ending You’ve Never Seen

Two years after the release of Nirvana In Fire, the drama series is still gaining more and more popularity in Asia. As an avid fan of the drama series, I have tried my utmost best to dissect each and every episode there is in the drama including the closing credits. It came to a point where I just had to watch it from beginning to end. I am now on my 30th time. Let me tell you, it is tediously satisfying!


At one point, I felt that Xiao Shu/Lin Shu/Su Zhe/Mei Changsu was robbed of the opportunity to inherit what is his, but then, it also made sense that the writer and director didn’t want to give the viewers false hope that Xiao Shu/Lin Shu/Su Zhe/Mei Changsu will survive in the end since it is a common knowledge that he is gravely ill.

If you paid more attention to the conversations in the drama, Consort Jing once mentioned to Jingyan after the latter found out that Su Zhe/Mei Changsu is indeed Xiao Shu, “…he’s been past enduring already.” With this and the countless times he got awfully sick to the point of impossible recovery if not for the vast knowledge of the physicians looking after him, it is very highly possible that he’ll die by the end of the series. Like some of you, I tried to hang onto the last thread of hope I could muster.

Then this happened.

《琅琊榜》未删减版结局 Unofficial cut ending of Nirvana in Fire_11

Xiao Shu/Lin Shu/Su Zhe/Mei Changsu DIED like what most predicted.

But then, this not the end for those with enduring hearts!! 😁😁

When the last episode of Nirvana in Fire (raw and without subs) was uploaded online for the first time in 2016, it came with an alternate ending (unofficial ending). A few days after it was subbed, I watched the 54th episode on the same streaming site and it was unfortunate that the unofficial ending was edited out. I tried watching from other sites but to no avail. Luckily, I was able to come across a clip with more or less six thousand views on YouTube with the same scene I saw from that 2016 raw video.

If the production added the alternate ending, then the scene below would have made much more sense.

(360P - mp4)Nirvana in Fire Episode 52_3

Well, it is up to you decide whether Fei Liu’s words made sense. Sharing everyone GIFs of that magical unofficial ending. Enjoy!

《琅琊榜》未删减版结局 Unofficial cut ending of Nirvana in Fire_1

Fei Liu diligently learning how to serve tea. What a good boy!


《琅琊榜》未删减版结局 Unofficial cut ending of Nirvana in Fire_3

He gets nervous doing this kind of stuff but he’s all brave and mighty when he goes out to play with the bad guys.


《琅琊榜》未删减版结局 Unofficial cut ending of Nirvana in Fire_4

Lin Chin pretending he’s not paying attention to Fei Liu. What a considerate fellow! I like it better when they bicker.


《琅琊榜》未删减版结局 Unofficial cut ending of Nirvana in Fire_5

Don’t scald your hands, Fei Liu. Su gege will worry!


《琅琊榜》未删减版结局 Unofficial cut ending of Nirvana in Fire_6

The moment of truth is here!


《琅琊榜》未删减版结局 Unofficial cut ending of Nirvana in Fire_8

Great effort, Fei Liu. It passed Lin Chen gege’s standards.


Su, who is he offering it to? (pun-intended 😅😂🤣)

《琅琊榜》未删减版结局 Unofficial cut ending of Nirvana in Fire_10

And they lived happily ever after!


There you have it folks!


Don’t forget to watch Nirvana In Fire 2!

The Cycle of Growing

reconnect-with-spouse-1030x503-678x381As we go through life, we create friendships with new people and we fade away from the old ones. Sometimes we will it and other times it is just the way it is. Such is a process all too common and inevitable among us, social beings. With differing priorities, having own families, changing jobs and moving away, it is not surprising that we grow apart.

Relationships have a natural ebb and flow. Growing apart is part of a natural process we humans call, “growing older” and when we become all aware that we are growing older, we start to look for opportunities to reconnect with people from the past. Having had the chance to catch up with some of my high school friends, I realized how we are still the same yet different in so many aspects of our lives. We might not necessarily have much in common (now that we’re older) as we’ve taken different paths, however, our history will always bind us in a way.


Words failed me!


Bellagio Hills Hotel & Restaurant Lobby

Bellagio Hills: Café Buho

A short excursion to Paoay, Ilocos Norte brought my friends and I to the modern contemporary gem fronting Paoay Lake that is Bellagio Hills. After our sumptuous lunch at Vista Del Lago, we decided to indulge on pastries, cakes and other desserts. Not to forget, a quick fix of coffee to make our day. We found ourselves driving to Bellagio Hills’ CAFÉ BUHO Bistro Bar. (Buho is a Filipino term which refers to a variety of bamboo plant. I noticed a good number of bamboo plants huddled together on the western portion of the cafe.)

Café Buho boasts a magazine feature worthy interior!



It was very unfortunate however that they only had panna cotta for dessert when we got there that day. As it was also Christmas days before, we were not aware of their holiday schedule and the exact time of availability of the desserts. This is not particular to Café Buho but a rather common occurrence in cafés, restaurants and eateries in Ilocos Norte during the holidays.

The staff were quick to suggest to choose some dishes from their menu but since we had lunch earlier on, we declined. Also, a batch of cheesecake would have been a great option but it was still being made and would take some time before they can serve it so we opted for some hot drinks that came with buttercookies which greatly complimented the bitter yet creamy taste of their house blend.

Bellagio Hills is not a place we go to often. In fact, it was my first time at the place. We sipped our coffee outside the cafe and breathing loveliness saluted our eyes. It was a sight to behold! I can vividly remember taking in the scenery before me, the cool gentle breeze caressing my skin.


It is quite astonishing that a part of home gave me unexpected fleeting, beautiful moments of stillness and peace. I believe it is this certain feeling of enlightenment that I always find myself coming back to my hometown. Ilocos Norte will always be home.